What are your ADRENAL GLANDS and what do they do?

The basic function of your adrenal glands is to gear up your body's resources into the "flight or fight" state by increasing production of adrenaline and other hormones. The main hormone, "cortisol" controls sugar, fat, carbohydrate and protein metabolism and the immune system response.
Life's situations can cause your adrenal glands not to function at their optimal potential. A demanding job, constant dieting, illness, relationship issues, family stress, lack of sleep, can all cause the adrenal glands to be weak; "adrenal fatigue", "hypo-adrenal", "weak adrenals" or " adrenal insufficiency" are all terms that are synonymous to a weak adrenal system.
An adrenal analysis can be performed in conjunction with an in office Applied Kinesiology and Ragland's test. A more detailed analysis can be done with our computerized "Health Appraisal Evaluation." The results of these tests would determine the correct supplements and /or dietary changes to strenghten your adrenal system.
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